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Leaked OS.. OS5!!

Has been a while since I gave you links on upgrades.. Now I give you some risky challenges! upgrade to OS5 with lots of added links to work with! Tour OS Megaupload Rapidshare without RIM internal appsBold OS 5.0.140 hereStorm OS 5.0.154 hereJav OS 5.0.190 here also the latest OFFICIAL bold can be…

HOT..4 firmware updates in a day (9500: & and for bold & jav)

Wow… flooding with firmware updates.. didn’t realize we have 4 new firmware updates! ๐Ÿ™‚ here we go, we start at the “usual”9500: Link 1, Link 2 now, we go to OS 5.0! ๐Ÿ™‚9500: need not I remind you that this is BETA! remember I gave u os 5.0 for 9530? wow…..

OS 8100/8110/8120, 8300/8310/8320, & 8800/8820

hoho.. uda lama banget ga update.. I’ve been a traitor, I admit! ๐Ÿ˜› I am hooked on Iphone 3G upgraded to 3.0. Its jailbroken, lots of apps, and happy! even it acted out like bb now ith my IMs… although, there is stome disadvantage.. being in a 3G network DOES CONSUME LOTS OF BATTERY POWER!…

8310 OS official

monggo diunduh… ini resmi dr O2 UK, so don’t worry.. BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.5.0.257 (Multilanguage)Package Version: of: * Applications:* Software Platform:* File name: 8310M_PBr4.5.0_rel257_PL2.7.0.92_A4.5.0.163_O2_UK. exe* File size: 89.9MB unduh cheerio