"Di Ario, Aku Dengar" | Podcast: Why am I doing this?

"Di Ario, Aku Dengar" | Podcast: Why am I doing this?
Now, dudes and dudettes, some of you might wonder why I’m doing this whole podcast thing.Ario cuma iseng.
Ario cari sensasi aja.
Ario pengen banget beken.
Ario ga punya tempat curhat.

Look, here’s the thing. People can say anything. Its a free country (well, almost). I understand those could be the reason. I neither deny it, nor confirming it. I’m happy to leave it to your imagination.

What actually happening now, is people running out of places and time to learn things. In my case, I feel I need a place to find myself. Some people meditate, some people go to classes or school, some people travel, while I, podcast.

I thought of YouTube, yes, video. But that part, since I’m not an expert, takes more time. In my case, I have limited. I don’t have enough time to take different camera angles nor edit. That’s why I turn to Podcast.

So I created a SoundCloud accounts for this. Been having it for a while, but didn’t know what to do with it since I have no music to create, now I have something to share, sooo… Then I connect it to iTunes’ Podcast. (here’s my guide on how to do it). So whatever your platform is, you can listen it freely, downloadable. Downloadable so you can save your data quota. Download it on wifi, and listen to it while on mobile, then, you can delete it to save your quota. There you go, thought of everything for you.

The contents are various. From Tech, Gadgets, Parenting, Healthy Lifestyle, basically anything I wanna babble about. From whats happening to Twitter until my journey of becoming a parent.

There will the regular podcast where I listen, which is every Thursday. This is where I talk, babble, spilling my guts & thoughts out. There will be the occasional special edition where I ask, listen to a source that I believe is more resourceful, expert than me. @amasna was an example of that.

So hey, if you have time, listen to it, follow and leave a comment. You could mention me on Twitter, Instagram, ask.fm, or email me at ario_pratomo@yahoo.com. Leave a question, critics or a suggestion of topic. I’d be thrilled to reply.

Here I am, on my 6th episode, letting my heart out. You don’t mind, do you?

Here’s to life! Cheers


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