Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge… Plus! Buying Class!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge… Plus! Buying Class!
This would be the most expensive piece of Smartphone that I’d been given a chance to review. Meet the Galaxy S6 Edge.. Plus.

I gotta start off with that. I’ve been playing around with this beauty for almost 2 weeks and I am loving it so far. The catch is really the price. In Indonesia, it ranges from 11.5 million to 12.5 million Rupiah. This could be the most expensive Android for the time being. It even tops Galaxy Note 5.

That extra, huge extra, tip of price goes mostly to the design. This would be the best design phone that Samsung has ever made. Lets breakdown the design piece by piece.

Screen / Display:

The display is 5.5″ (bigger than S6, S5, iPhone 6, the same as iPhone 6 Plus and smaller than Galaxy Note 5), super Amoled and 16M Colours with Gorilla Glass 4. Super Sharp, big and… Curvy!. It curves on both sides just like the S6 Edge. That curvy bit on both sides does have a function. The quick launch gives you quick access to favourite contacts and apps. It also wakes up from a call, sms or email, or swiping it when the screen is off, gives you quick update on the weather, battery and notifications.

Edge Screen: Apps Edge
Edge Screen: People Edge
Edge Screen: Information Stream
Edge Screen: Edge Lighting

The level of usefulness is not as much as it is a statement. To me, that curved screen is a statement. A statement that Samsung can do this and is the first to do so. To make a statement, it costs.


The finish is just class. It catches a lot of fingerprints tho, the feeling just like when you bought your first iPod, that has a shiny, metal, reflective back cover. This part has a good and bad feeling about it. It can sucks when it has too many prints, but when its clean, its awesome!

Metal frame surrounding it frames everything quite perfectly. This, I like.

I got the gold/Champagne colour. Which is perfect!

Whats also good..

With this huge & bright screen, strong processor (Quad Core 1.5Ghz Processor), and big memory (4GB), it needs a huge power. S6 Edge Plus is provided with 3000 mAh battery, which is huge! But that’s not all. I learn, since my review with Oppo R5, that Flash charging is crucial! I don’t really test it to compare it with Oppo R5, but this thing is fast! The fact that this battery is irreplaceable? doesn’t matter, just bring a charger, it’ll charge quickly. Have I told you about its.. wireless charging?

3000 mAh, fast and wireless charging. Couldn’t be happier. 

Here’s the thing, I won’t talk much about the other features.

Yes, there’s the quick draw camera, taking a picture in less than a second.
Yes, there’s the multi window.
Yes, there’s the much better finger print scanner compared to the S5.
Yes, there’s Lollipop 5.1.1.
Yes, there’s the wide angle cameras. Which makes it perfect for selfies (for most people), and Periscoping (for me).

Wide Angle front facing Camera

Lets not get into that deeply. Why? Coz I think the main reason you buy this thing is the design. How fond of you of the design that would make you spend more than 11 million Rupiah? Crazy?

Let me put it to you this way. If you think that there won’t be a lot of people who is really gonna spend this amount of money for S6 Edge Plus, you are probably right.

But there’s a good thing about it. The feeling of exclusivity, being different, rare. Get what I mean? 😉

*I’ll be adding video, soon. Keep an eye on*

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