Samsung SUHD Curved TV. What More Could Eye Ask For?

Samsung SUHD Curved TV. What More Could Eye Ask For?
Was down at Electronic City last Sunday, May 18. Was planning to spend the evening at Cork & Screw, Pacific Place, wife was craving for their Large Apple Tart dessert. So we took a small detour to visit Electronic City coz my friend at Samsung was highly recommending this new TV they just launched.

Remember my post about my Samsung Curved TV? You wonder how I’m using it daily? I never use it without Internet. Its either Netflix via my WDTV or PopCorn Time, screen mirroring from my Galaxy Tab S, or YouTube-ing directly form the TV. Sometimes I wonder if I can pay my cable subscription just for the internet without the TV channel. I am so happy with the my Samsung Curved TV, I was wondering how this new SUHD TV can further blow my mind.

So there’s Full HD, UHD and now SUHD? What are they?

HD: 720p & 1080i
Full HD: 1080p = 1920 x 1080
UHD: Ultra HD = 4K = 2160p  = 3840 x 2160

and what is SUHD?

S stands for Sensational Picture, Seamless Interaction and Stylish design.
S stands for Superb, Spectacular, Staggering.
S stands for whatever you want to represent this magnificent piece of device.

So the huge difference is in its colour variance, especially its variance on Red & Green. Its colours you have never seen before. At the Electronic City, they demoed it with a high def version of Life of Pi. Its technology called the Nano Crystal Color. Its colour processor cost more than Gold! Really is, Spectacular!

It curved form factor sits beautifully with the curved soundbar and and the connect box. I mean, its just a masterpiece in the living room. I’m imagining putting up a slideshow of colourful art classics.

Here’s the thing, I’m a movie freak. I have a subscription in Netflix, installed Popcorn Time, and goes to the movies once every 2 weeks. Quality is essential to me. HDMI Cables, Home Theater quality sound, a comfty sofa and a salty popcorn is a necessity. In a movie, is the only time I skip my diet.

In SUHD TV, the feeling would be multiplied. I can imagine the experience I will get watching my movies, in high quality, will be out of this world. It was “The Life of Pi” on colour steroids shown at the Electronic City. I got carried away for a few minutes and forgot where I was watching it. If only I could bring it home.

Other than that, I’m a gamer, well, NBA2K15 only on PS4 kind of gamer.
But I’m playing it over the top, with picture and sound quality to the max. I’m Stephen Curry killing it with the three point shots.

Yeah, I’m a little boy with big toys.

Here’s a few idea on how it might look in your living room:

And here’s some of the picture I took at Electronic City

I suggest you go
for JS9000 version, that comes in 55″ and 65″ or the JS9500 that comes in 78″ and 88″. You
will feel the benefit of Curved design even more on those sizes! It comes with
Tizen Operating System with an OctaCore processor, which means FAST.

I think SUHD TV will be my next big purchase.
I’m a sucker for big, gorgeous TVs, and this one does the whole lot. Let’s see
if the wife approves

Ain’t them a beauty?
SUHD. Samsung SUHD.
S for Simply Stunning. Samsung.

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