The Reality of Smartphone Batteries | Review of Oppo R5 [UPDATED]

The Reality of Smartphone Batteries | Review of Oppo R5 [UPDATED]
A video demo of how fast is VOOC flash charge. I did a demo of Oppo R5’s VOOC Flash Charge. 12% to 70% in 21 mins over Freeletics.


Hey, lets face it, face the fact that all smartphones’ batteries,… sucks!
Every apps are getting updated, getting bigger. Camera resolutions are getting sharpers, hence files getting bigger. Added to that, the sharpness and brightness of the screen are also more and more consuming batteries. Internet speed getting faster, expecting us to stream music, videos. Don’t get me started on Social Media. All those times on

My activities starts as early as 5 am, checking social media, Path, Instagram, Twitter,
Then goes to chats: WhatsApp, BBM, Line, Telegram,…
Then goes to reading news: FlipBoard…
Then, I workout using Freeletics with music and Bluetooth on to connect Bluetooth wireless earphone.
All of that took an hour and drained about 40% battery of my iPhone 6 (1810 mAh).

2000 mAh? 2500 mAh? 5000 mAh? 10000 mAh?
Look, the bigger the battery means 2 things.

1. Size!
Look at those powerbanks that has 6000 mAh or more. Huge! Heavy! Are we going that way? Are we gonna make the capacity bigger and sacrifice size & comfort?

2. The time it takes to.. recharge!
How long does it take to recharge a smartphone with 2000 mAh battery? all night? well, probably about 2 hours? Am I close? I never timed it myself, coz its too long to wait.

So what is the solution?
Some carries powerbank everytime, everywhere.
Some always have their smartphone charged when possible. In the car, or anywhere you can find a powerpoint. But remember, lithium batteries have lifecycle.

I’ve been using Oppo R5 for the past 3 weeks and I honestly can say very happy with its VOOC fast charging feature. They say it charges about 75% within 30 minutes.. So I tested it out. It was right! As it says.

If that is not enough, the powerbank works the same way, same VOOC fast charging.

Sure its not perfect, VOOC fast charging only works with that charger and that cable. And that cable and charger only works with Oppo R5. So it doesn’t charge any other phone that does not have that VOOC fast charging feature.

But hey, its only fair, right!?

Its not just the VOOC, its also the design.

I like the design. Its black, made of metal, and get this, its 4.85 mm thin! That’s thinner than any other smartphone out there (till this article is published)
How cool is that? It fits perfectly inside my suit, doesn’t leave a mark. Its also flat inside my jeans.

Oppo R5. Its convenient, elegant and slick!

P.S. Here’s what I have to say at Kompas Tekno

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