Another Apple Event: Research Kit, MacBook & SmartWatch | My Take

Another Apple Event: Research Kit, MacBook & SmartWatch | My Take

I have to blog this. There are several questions coming in to me personally asking for my view on this event. Well, not the events, the products Apple launched, of course.

I am half awake, half dead, trying to keep my eyes open in the office. Managed to sleep early, 8.30ish, but only to wake up at the stroke of midnight, to watch this. Finished about 1.30.. and had to wait for the FA Cup Quarter Final, Manchester United vs. Arsenal. The most annoying thing is that, United lost! For F*ck Sake, I’m not gonna put this effort to waste, so I’m writing this for you guys. 
So yeah, 
Apple launched several things last night.

Research Kit

I’m gonna start with their best launch last night, but probably not the most popular. Research Kit is, to me, how Apple is trying to be more useful to the community. Remember how they always show how iPad is being used in different activities? Now, they have special attention to Health.
After launching Health App built in to the iPhone 6, Apple goes further working together with a lot of Universities and their research facilities. They are building apps to analyse diseases like Diabetes, Parkinson, Cardiovascular disease, Breast Cancer & Asthma. To me, this is thoughtful, brilliant (even tho I don’t know how it works yet). For now, the thoughts that count. We’ll see how it goes. 
Or .. its just their way to be in more aspects of your life. You call it.
HBO Now on Apple TV
Yup, this is my kind of pie as well. Streaming movies has been my thing lately. If you’ve read my post about Netflixing in Indonesia, and tried it yourself, you’d understand. 
HBO launched HBO Now on Apple TV, iPad & iPhones to let you stream HBO movie/series selection. They are launching it in April together with new release of Game of Thrones. Its priced at $14.99 and I’m wondering whether its available for viewers in Indonesia, or do we have to use services like Unblock-Us again. We’ll see. 
But having paid $8.99 for Netflix, I don’t think I’m gonna subscribe to this. 

Lets put it out there, its the most beautiful, elegant, awesome laptop I have ever seen. 
I love the MacBook Air, but I hate the silver frame for its screen. 
I love the MacBook Pro for its power, but I hate it being too big.
But this… 
– 12″ (coz 11″ is too small, 13″ is too big)
– Black framed screen like the Pro. Retina Display.
– Weighs 1 kg
– Thinner than the first generation iPad. 13.1mm
– “Butterfly” Keyboard. They say its good (I have no complaint with the current one, to be honest)
– That Space Grey & Gold.. I still can’t decide. They’re too good.
The only downside is the fact that it has a new cable port called USB-C. That’s the only 1 port available there. Eliminating CD Drive, USBs, HDMI, Card readers, everything. That 1 port, USB-C port can act as a everything… (with a converter of course)
That evil bastards in Apple decided that “Hey, lets get them to spend more on cables & converters. Those whose willing to spend $1299 (or the pricier $1599) for a laptop, I’m sure won’t mind for these pennies”
Good one, Apple. 

Apple Watch
Here is the most discussed thing last night. At the moment, I’ve pledged for Pebble Time at KickStarter. Yup, I ordered 2. 
Not interested at Apple Watch… yet. 
Here’s the thing. Me wearing a smartwatch is a hassle, to be honest. I love to change watches, depending on what I wear. I love a classic look watch, not the sporty kind. Nope, I’m not a watch enthusiast, I can’t afford a Rolex, Patek or some kind. I have a Panerai tho, but that’s it. Couldn’t afford another, yet. 
I find wearing a smartohone is a hassle that it needs to be recharged. Given that Apple Watch has 18 hour (“All Day” they say) battery life is a huge heartbreak. I have smartphones, tablets, laptop, powerbank, that’s already need charging everyday. I can tolerate my current Pebble that needs recharging every 3-4 days. 
And the different kind of charging cable? Yeah, that means that there’s a chance for me needing to buy a spare cable (like I’m doing with my lightning cables). They say its 18 hours? Usually its never what they say. 
Then, the fact that its putting too many features. 
– Sending gravity, art, drawing, or whatever you call it, .. whats that all about?
– Making a phone call with your phone? It might work if you are David Hasselhoff calling a jumping black car.
– And yeah, replying message with stickers? I might take out my iPhone off my pocket and reply there. And WeChat? yeah, that’s Apple targeting the China market. 
– The Apple Watch Edition, 18-Karat Gold. starts from $10,000 up to $17,000. Well, at least its free shipping, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I might buy the watch, never say never. 
But up to now, I don’t feel the urge like I am looking at the new MacBook. I don’t need a new laptop, I know. But I WANT IT. 

Oh yeah, update your iOS to 8.2. Its out, ready for Apple Watch.

Still a fan of Apple, APPL stock risen 3% seconds they announced the MacBook.

So, what’s your take? 

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