Finding a Decent & Reliable Internet at your House in Indonesia is Like Finding a Unicorn.

Finding a Decent & Reliable Internet at your House in Indonesia is Like Finding a Unicorn.
A Unicorn, a fantasy creature that shapes like a horse, only with a horn on its head. I don’t know exactly why would they fantasise a creature like that, but I do know it can somehow relate to a magic mushroom.

I don’t have a magic mushroom with me, but I do have a challenging Internet Connection.

Unicorn Head Mask here

I used to study in Australia, back in 99-2003. That time, the internet started from a Dial Up connection, using a modem, for a bout $15-$20 per month, with unlimited quota. So I used to leave the computer on at night, to download songs from the likes of Napster, Audio Galaxy, Bear Share or even MiRC. Yes. MiRC to download songs.

Then, it evolves to ADSL, which about double the price, but a lot faster and I didn’t have to heart that “ringtone” coming from the dial up modem. Again, its unlimited. Download moves from songs, to movies or games. Yeah, We played online Counter Strike as well. “Go, Go, Go”.

Nowadays, I have my own house in Jakarta Selatan, and in less then 2 years, I am now with my 3rd Internet Provider, and 3rd Paid TV subscription.

I started with @mymax3, which is the @Biznet service for houses. That didn’t go well. The service was a failure. I had about 3 visits from the technicians in the first 6 months. The installation was funny, they mistaken my address to Kebayoran Lama due to the same street name. Funny enough, I asked whether they even have Max3 at the wrong address? Nope, they don’t.

So I dropped it and changed to First Media.

What attracts me is the paid TV, it has HD, NBA TV, and it had BeIN1 & 2 HD, that had Barclay Premier League (BPL) on HD. It. was. awesome. (Note that I used to have Indovision as well when they still had the BPL, then I changed to Orange TV after a year, just because of BPL). But, BPL on HD was awesome. On top of that First Media offered me a 25mbps internet connection! 30Mbps for Rp.  1.1 million. I say, what the hell, lets go for it.

So I did a speed test:

Here it is:
1st test: Download 15.86, Upload 1.38, Ping 18ms
2nd test: Download 26.81, Upload 1.41, Ping 15ms

3rd test: Download 27.57, Upload 1.38, Ping 15ms
4th test: Download 25.91, Upload 1.40, Ping14ms
Not bad I must say. Just too bad that Upload part. 
But again, it has it dark days. There were one time, one of the component in the neighbourhood, got burnt, so internet was dead for a day. 
The incident last week was disappointing. 1 of my decoder broke down (together with my TV, and a pair of lights) due to lightning. I tried to get it fixed. 
I called them & set a technician visit on Wednesday, 9am-12am. 
At 11ish, I received an SMS saying it will be delayed to 1-3pm.
I called the Customer Service at 2pm, and told me to wait until 3pm.
3pm: Never showed up. 
3.15pm: I called the Customer Service again and they told me the technician had been to my house, but no one there. 
My question is:
1. Why didn’t the Customer Service tell me when I called at 2 PM?
2. Did they (either the technician or the customer service) … lie?
3. Have they got the right house? Coz I was there.
“Internet Sehat” much?
On my other hand, I had an MNC PlayMedia sales guy keep offering me his product. A very persistent sales guy.
Again, what the hell, I’m lucky to be living in a neighbourhood that has option, so why not make the most out of it?
Here’s the basic thing. 
Firstmedia, or its internet service, Fastnet, uses coaxial cable.
MNC, uses Fibre Optic. 
The fibre optic installation took waaaay longer! To reconnect fibre optic cable,  it needs a special tool. The installation at my house, done in 3 hours. Took a while, ya?
But, MNC was on time with their technician schedule, Firstmedia was not. 
However, Fibre Optic is using the speed of light. 
Quoting from Webopedia:
Fiber optics has several advantages over traditional metal communications lines:
  • Fiber optic cables have a much greater bandwidth than metal cables. This means that they can carry more data.
  • Fiber optic cables are less susceptible than metal cables to interference.
  • Fiber optic cables are much thinner and lighter than metal wires.
  • Data can be transmitted digitally (the natural form for computer data) rather than analogically.
  • The main disadvantage of fiber optics is that the cables are expensive to install. In addition, they are more fragile than wire and are difficult to splice.
    Yup, I had to wait 3 hours for that new piece of tech to be installed in my house.
    But what do you get from that?
    – a faster (compared to its price) internet
    – and IPTV (Internet Protocol TV)
    I take Super Galaxy (All Channel) + 20Mbps Internet at about Rp. 800k (promo 400k and upgraded to 30Mbps for the first 6 months, but its not fair to compare with promo).
    The connection is 1:1. Meaning, the download speed will be the same speed as the upload speed.
    My first test on MNC Play (on 30Mbps promo):
    Download 28.82, Upload 31.57, Ping 4ms.
    LOOK AT THE UPLOAD, over 30Mbps.

    *I will keep this post updated with more speed test.
    What does an IPTV do?
    Its interactive. For now, MNC Play Media gives the ability to watch shows that we missed till a week back. The Oscar is coming soon, I know its gonna be in the AM, so I’m gonna watch it after office. That’s handy.
    Here’s some note:
    • I will miss my NBATV, but I will have MNC Sports that sometime shows NBA. 
    • I’m not gonna miss BeIN HD because First Media lost the contract as well.
    • No NET TV yet.
    • The’ DNS (to watch Netflix & “everything else”, if you know what I mean), is open, unlike Speedy. 
    • The thing with Indonesian Internet is, the amount of users grows way faster than the infrastructure. Meaning, I’m kinda in a dilemma sharing my experience getting a better internet service. Means that if you use it as well, YOU MIGHT SLOW MY INTERNET SPEED! So… Dont! :/ 
    • I’m not gonna use Bolt anymore as well.
    • My mother in law would love this. It has complete MNC Media packages (which FirstMedia didn’t). RCTI, MNC Lifestyle, MNC News, MNC this, MNC that….
    So I disconnected my FirstMedia Subscription today. 
    I tweet about it and some of my friends are complaining the same thing, but just unfortunate that they have nowhere to go. So I’m sharing this to give you an idea, if you have an option, go for it. 
    Wonder if I have found my Unicorn… 

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    • Surfing the internet sure is expensive back then, and there are even so many processes before you get connected. I also cannot imagine that it took days to finish downloading a song before. Well, I guess all the troubles you went through for your new internet connection are worth it, for you have now a faster connection. It seems like you already found your unicorn! Haha! I hope that it's working well up until now, Ario! 🙂

      Jannette Britt @ T Link Broad Band