BBM for All, iOS & Android. BlackBerry's Last Gasp?

BBM for All, iOS & Android. BlackBerry's Last Gasp?
I stand corrected, no its not for ALL, or people just don’t care about Windows Phone? x)
Sorry Windows Phone users, I don’t think BlackBerry is being fair.

Anyways, we go back to the subject. BlackBerry is launching BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS & Android. Here in Indonesia, its a HUGE fuss! Why? because there’s a significant amount of BBM users here. Yeah, I am even still using BlackBerry with BBM as the main reason. My clients, colleagues and even family are using BBM. Hell, even my Dad still PING!!! -.-

BBM will come to Android on September 21, 18.00 WIB & on iOS, September 22, 00.00 WIB. Wait for it.

This news is sure is good news, for us. Now the question is, what will happen to BlackBerry. Will they get abandoned? Rusting inside the cupboard since selling them is not acceptable considering no offer is reasonably high enough? This is what most people will predict. This is the first scenario.

However, if we consider the scenario the other way around, people already have BlackBerries that cost them a fortune can consider: “Hey, I don’t need to change phones, all my friends on iOS & Android now have BBMs. We are now connected. I don’t have to download WhatsApp, LINE, Kakao, or whatever it is, slows down my BB” Its, possible, right?

Or this..

BlackBerry is spinning off their BBM to another company, trying their best to make profit from it. Profit can come from in App purchase for example, stickers, filters, etc. You know how LINE got their profit from, right?

And that, might kill the production sector, yes. But it also might increase their profitability somewhere else. But that, would make BlackBerry inferior, meaning, yes, some people would stay on BlackBerry….. FOR NOW. What about their next gadget? will it still be BlackBerry?

Hell, I don’t know, I’m just guessing. Who am I to judge? I’m just a blogger. What do you think?

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