Photos from my Umrah Trip using Samsung Galaxy Camera

Photos from my Umrah Trip using Samsung Galaxy Camera
I know some of you have been waiting for this. 🙂

The Umrah trip photos were captured by Samsung Galaxy Camera. Some were edited directly from the device, the rest are using the smart mode. Here are some of it:

Masjid Terapung. Took this one with Auto mode, filtered with Photo Wizard, set it to dual tone, high contrast. 
So I saw this bird from afar, while testing the 21x zoom. Pretty good. Unedited.
Still in front of Masjid Terapung, someone was taking this picture for us, so the mode was Auto & I edited them using Photo Wizard.
This was taken at a rest stop between Medinah & Mecca. The sky was just too good to miss. So I took a picture, edited at PhotoWizard, auto adjust.
This is at Pasar Kurma, and No, Thats not me 😐 
Picture was taken using Rich Tone mode.
The Group at Jabal Uhud (cmiiw). Mode: Rich Tone
Panoramic shot of Quran Printing Company. 
Picture of my wife using Silhouette mode. No editing needed.
The umbrellas of Nabawi, opened.

The Umbrellas of Nabawi Mosque, closed

The Ceilings of Nabawi. Mode: Rich Tone
On a rest stop from Medinah to Mekkah. Mode: Sunset
Took this picture after our first Umrah, as soon as we reached Mecca. 
Filter: Rich Tone. (should’ve used, night, but no tripod)
Photo taken was using Auto, after Jum’ah, so crowded!
Bit of disclaimer that I am not a photographer (oh how I wish I was). Still got more pictures, but it is a bit difficult to upload. But I guess, these would do. 
Next? Hajj!! AMEN!

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