Who’s gonna lead 2012 in Indonesian gadget industry?

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Jakarta shows 11.34 and its one bright day! Today is 14 Jan 2012. 2012 is the year of Dragon according to the Chinese. China happens to be a big producer of gadgets. Some would probably say best “plagiarist” of gadgets. In 2011, China, as a country, sold millions of generic gadgets worldwide. What I mean with “generic gadgets” is that usually mobile phones that is produced brand-less that is ready to be exported overseas and re-brand! local example might be Ti-Phone, Nexian, Blueberry, etc… I can’t even named them all.

*btw, speaking of Ti-Phone, congrats for its IPO, sold its stock at Rp. 315 a piece and gained 20% instantly!

Back to topic, who will lead 2012? which International brand will stand firmly here in Indonesia? who’s gonna come in? who’s gonna bail? and who’s gonna win?

Lets see, in 2011, during the MarkPlus Conference in Pacific Place last month, December. GabEl (Gabungan Elektronik) announced that there were an increase of 25% in the electronic sector. This includes the increase in the sales of Flat Screen TV (LCD, LED, 3D), washing machine, fridge, and mobile devices (smartphones, mobile phones & tablets). 25% is the biggest increase.

In TV, Korea standing firm in the market with Samsung & LG as their market leader. They have LCD, LED, 3D up to internet TV that is “affordable” I’d still say affordable if its compared to Japanese products and better quality compared to Chinese. I use LG internet TV and Samsung LED myself.. I love them both, but Samsung is slightly pricier than LG here.

This goes the same to home appliances as well, with LG growing stronger due to the prices! LGs are cheaper!

What happens to mobile?

Mobile in future are getting stronger and stronger. Indonesia has grown to be top 3 in the world in Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry! (I bet if combined, we are number 1) Something to be proud of? 😐

According to the report made by Deloitte Access Economics entitled “Nusantara Terhubung – Peran Internet dalam pembangunan ekonomi Indonesia”, the Internet contributes of 1.6% of Indonesia’s gross domestic product. It is predicted to increase by 300% over the next 5 years. By 2016, it will be 2.5% of Indonesia’s PDB (Produk Domestik Bruto)

Internet Fixed bandwidth penetration are considered low (9%) compared to China (34%), Malaysia (55.3%) and Vietnam (27.6%). However, mobile internet are cheaper!! this is the emphasizing reason why people buy more and more phones! In 2010, there are 220 million mobile phones accounted for, including the individuals who have more than 1 phone. Now, as I write this down, there are more mobile phones used in Indonesia then the user!

Mobile phone sales, will surely increase! on the generic phones, we have more and more Chinese product coming, considering more and more distributors here (I’ve mention above). With TiPhone go public, KohHengky will boost up sales, specialized phones!

Smartphones and tablets? I’d like to divide these up based on its operating system. Its a fight between must-have Blackberry OS, the elegant iOS and the strong-rising Android. All are gonna be stronger because of the data connection rates that is always decreasing, and the power of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Plurk, Path, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and browsers

I’ve reviewed whats wrong with Blackberry OS few days ago. I think they will only survive based on its Blackberry Messenger alone.

What about iOS? they will have its own marketshare based on exclusivity! At the moment, to me, they provide the best mobil photography, no matter what’s your iDevice, you can always edit it, and upload to Instagram, and be loved! At the moment, Instagram only available here! and the strength of AppStore will play part on its life.

Here comes the next big(ger) thing! Android! Android, with its open source Operating System, makes it easier to be widely spread, from Chinese generic phones, to American old-timer! it makes it a generic operating system as well. There is a problem with that. Developers might find it difficult to produce app considering its non-uniqness.. The difference of screen sizes, resolution, processor etc makes them difficult to adjust. and there’s also the famous “Why I hate Android?” writing on the web, which I RT a few days ago. … However! who cares??? users don’t care! they want cheap, sophisticated phones! they want this OS goes on the phone they want!! they want choices! am I right??

Coming to that, in Android, straight to it I’m gonna say Samsung will lead the way in 2012. Samsung is putting all their resources on screen development. Look at their super thin LED TV! they put that on the mobile phones, and comes (so far the strongest) is Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note with its Super AMOLED plus screen!! Madness!!! their tab, their smaller galaxies, and the next one coming is.. Galaxy Nexus! Their investment on screen development will pay its worth! with Instagram is coming on Android? stronger Android Market? Samsung is ready!

Lets see how they play with Bada (their new operating system)

There goes my small preview of 2012. Its arguable. lets discuss! I’m waiting, while I’m digesting my vegetarian diet! come on! 🙂

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