Blackberry Messenger chat with new emoticons & color bubbles!

Blackberry Messenger chat with new emoticons & color bubbles!
To be honest, as much as I wanna avoid Blackberry.. I can’t get rid of the blackberry messenger! There’s one group I love who just makes me laugh a bit too much. We are liking the same thing, football, but the discussion goes absolutely everywhere! Got my girlfriend wondering who am I chatting to.

And now, BBM goes updated to version grab it here.

Here’s whats new:

New on the latest version of BBM:
- Support for Animated Avatars - display pictures can now be animated!
- Enjoy a new selection of Emoticons
- Double the space to update your Personal Messages
- Customize the colour of chat bubbles for your contacts
- Simpler display picture update from the camera app –
snap a picture and display it on BBM right away

To me, I’m sadly a huge fan of the emoticons, those 4L4y would use.. I don’t care what you think of me, its fun! brightens up my screen 😀 .. Look!!

We got about 11 new emoticons.. I like the one with the black eye and missing tooth!! looks like someone just had a long night! Got beaten up in a bar.

We can personalize our private chat screen with colors! here’s how to do that:

Go “View contact profile” on a certain contact, then set it to different color, just under the PIN Barcode. Try try! set green for your wife/husband, set red for your lover!! ouch!

Remember Ario, the pre-requisite for an affair.. is for you to be married!!! -____- #notetoself

anyway, back to topic,..
other than those two new features, the new bbm also able to animate your profile picture. To do this, you need to find an animated gif file. not jpg file. or use the given ones like these:

There’s also a shortcut from a picture or a camera to set as profile picture

BUT!, there’s always a “but”.. I feel that the group is where the problem will lies. People, especially us Indos, got carried away with groups. Chat, post pics, adding 30 members… to 30 GROUPS! setting the chat options to FOREVER!!.. this will slow your BB down and eventually error 529 like what happened to me last night -_____-

so be careful with groups! always set the chat option to maximum 3 days, don’t post too many pics and less the chatting, get a life!! *sodorin kaca*

bye now! have a brilliant life.. virtually!

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