WWDC World Wide Developers Conference

What is WWDC?

Its an apple famous event where they usually launch new product on a form of a neat, simple presentation, or should I say.. keynote!..

This morning .. till now.. I’m reporting the WWDC on my twitter: @sheggario .. so it won’t be redundant, lemme just copy my twit here:

start from the very top:

“Good Morning! I’m watching WWDC @ apple.com! Have you?? You better!! :)”

world wide developer conference. Buka apple.com. Watch the keynote & see how ur jaw drops!!”

: World Wide Developers Conference : its a famous apple event where they usually launch new products!

“At last night (our time) , apple launch 3 new AWESOME things: Mac OSX Lion, iOS5 & iCloud ! www.apple.com”

Mac OSX Lion is the new Mac operating system after Snow Leopard! It has over 250 new features! On the keynote, it explains its top 10″

don’t worry. It was live last night at 12pm. Now you can watch it anytime streaming @ apple.com. No rush tho :)”

“I’m always amazed how apple does their keynote (presentation). I think its the only way to do your presentation!

“Apple always compares themselves to PC & how it has beaten them! The keynote shows that Mac users has grown 27% while PC DOWN -1%!

baru akan dijual juli bro. $30. Downloadable. Skrg baru dilempar ke developers (pembuat software), blm publik. Ditunggu ya :)”

Lion top 10 nu features: Multitouch gestures, FullscreenApps, MissionControl, Appstore, Launchpad, Resume, Autosave, Versions, AirDrop”

“Wait a minute, that’s 9..here we go..I like the new MAIL! better view, search smarter & better threading emails! works better for me!

“Kantor dulu aaaah… lanjut nya nanti.. u all gotta see iOS5!!”

there goes the break.. on my way to office… continue:

Luanchpad on OSX Lion makes ur mac looks like iPhone/iPad on showing the apps, with catagories as well! Beauty!”

“Lion’s Multi-touch gestures, FullScreen Apps & Mission Control works together perfectly! Deadly combo for you to work faster & better

“While Lion’s new feature: Auto-Save, Resume & Versions creates a safe & secure feeling while you work! Never loose anything!

“You can’t! πŸ˜€ RT : with all those announcements made at last night, how can you escape from Apple’s sophisticated environment?”

“RT : The Big 2011 Keynote Roundup:

“1 more: Appstore! No. 1 place to buy software, beaten Best Buy, Amazon, etc! Its included in Lion! & works with more feature!

“OSX Lion will be available to DOWNLOAD on appstore July 1st for $30. I’ll be buying original! I think its just worth it! πŸ˜€

“HACEP! Hahaha RT : nangis garuk2 tembok g ngliat OS X Lion yo! merinding disko 90an gmana gitu hahaha..”

“How’s my macgeek friend doing? Macgasm on ?

“Shall we move on reaching climax? On iCloud? iOS5?

“You had ur macgasm yet watching dear ? ;)”

Even this disturbing twit! πŸ˜›

“Bikin drop -__- .. RT : almost the same with Ubuntu 11.04 launchpad, both look appealing.”

“Who hears use MobileMe? (Me) Better move ur data fast, coz iCloud is coming! (Okay) What’s iCloud?

and this….

“Tambah drop -__- .. RT : ga maksuud sumpahh! πŸ˜€ klo ada waktu senggang bolehlaah cek Ubuntu …

“Gw jd bingung gmn jelasin MobileMe & iCloud! x_x .. Gimana sih maaaaaass!!

“iCloud stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all your devices β€” automatically

iCloud .. personal online storage khusus apple,.. dmn bisa share file between mac & iOS devices.. gitu kira2″

“jadi, iCloud itu smacem personal online storage (free 5GB) data, music, photos, contacts, calendar, video.. all.. no syncing needed

“Apple does it better with its Appstore & iTunes Store power! πŸ™‚ RT : ICloud itu sama kyk Clou… (cont)

“So, U buy songs, videos, books, apps.. it stored on iCloud for you to use in ur mac, iPhone, iPad & iTouch.. (compatibility based)

lom..well at least blm sepublik ini.. :P”

“iCloud is not so interesting to me tho.. coz we Indonesian suka menggoyang, nyolong dll! hahahha.. jelbrek bos! lanjut ke iOS5

“when I say iOS, its the operating system that runs in ur iOS devices. Which is iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch or iTouch. so u dont get lost

“Apple has sold over 250 MILLIONS iOS devices! (25 million of them are iPads)! not bad hey? not bad at all!

RT : RT : i love apple !”

Even I made mistakes :|..

“sorry.. it was 200 Million iOS devices.. not 250.. but hey.. it’ll reach there before the end of the year I bet! πŸ˜›

“Apple claimed iOS is the MOST USED mobile OS at 44% (Android 28%, RIM 19% Others 9%) its a world statistic. I bet here is different πŸ˜‰

“Notification Center is a new feature on iOS5: it collects all notifications, good thing? yes! new? not! Android does it first!

“There’s an app on Cydia that helps you do that now.. called the Lockinfo! tried it? moving on….

“so after iOS5 “kills” lockinfo.. whats next? Zinio! will be beaten by Newsstand? like iBooks but for magazine & Newspapers

“I’m off for a meeting.. will be right back to report you ! :D”

Hang on….

“Ok I’m back.. back to reporting now.. ready?!?”

“So yeah.. Newsstand is a new app on iOS5. It acts like iBook but this time it focuses on Magazine & Newspapers! save paper? πŸ™‚

“the new Twitter Integration on iOS5 meaning you can relate everything u do to twitter.. it integrates to most apps

“1 new feature you might like on iOS5 might be the iMessage. its like moving your BB Messenger.. to iPhone, iPad & iTouch!! am i right?

“iOS5 updates camera app to have a shortcut button, updates photos to be able to edit, & mail to be more powerful! what else?

“PC- Free is crazy! no more computer to connect your iOS devices? nice! lets chuck our computers! give it to Somalia! SOK!

then comes the misspell πŸ™

“chuck? chunk? whatever! you know what I mean :P”

“OSX Lion: you can upgrade when they are out, downloading from AppStore.. but??? its 4GB!!! it’ll take ME a WEEK to download πŸ™

“iOS5? dont rush downloading when they come out.. coz u know the thumbrules.. early ones, dont get jailbroken! πŸ˜‰

“”Keeping these devices in sync, is driving us crazy! .. *cough*” – Steve Jobs .. getting old, sick & skinny, Steve! :|”

“iMessage = Apple’s Nuclear bomb for RIM’s Blackberry Messenger!! “Die RIM, DIE”

“Hi Apple Ladies, been following my timeline?

“the thing about iCloud is.. Google does it first!! gotta hand it to them. But, we’ll see who does it better!

“Apple big flops was MobileMe! now.. they get a chance to fix their name with iCloud.. we’ll see Steve, we’ll see… πŸ˜‰

“Ati2 sesat! LOL RT : ai gak follow yor taimlain, but ai follow yu πŸ˜‰ :p”

“OSX Lion costs $29.99, iOS5 upgrade? FREE, iCloud? FREE .. thats how competitive the industry has become

“For Apple App’s developers.1 tip, don’t make apps too brilliant & essential or apple will steal them! πŸ˜€ (LockInfo, Zinio, Things)

“another thing on iCloud: .. think about this.. so apple have ALL your data on THEIR storage? what do you think?

and umm… bit of my sadness, my tears in Indonesia…

“I hope Steve Jobs can also give solution to our CRAPPY data connection! I’m talking bout all operators here! CRAP! 😐

“That will be all folks! my report on ! gadget world has reached new level! I luuuvvvinnn it! back to trashy tweet! :D”


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