The talk of the town… iPad2

The talk of the town… iPad2

Hey! its been ages since I fill this blog. I remember I was writing my last one with a baby dinosaur on my lap… Now I’m writing watching bulls’ new era under Derrick Rose.. that long?

Lately, I got so many iPhone, iPad to Jailbreak.. mostly are iPhone 4 & iPad 1.. on firmware 4.3.3, its very doable and very straight forward really. Not getting any request for iPhone 3G & 3Gs coz their old. But what about iPad 2? this soon-to-come-officially gadget is the talk of the town. “should I get one?” “should I sell my iPad 1 now? and save for iPad 2?” so many ways to answer this subjectively. Let me start comparing.

iPad 2 compared to iPad 1:

Yes, its better! in what way? It is true that its slimmer, lighter and most importantly.. faster! .. has an A5 processor with white & black front finish. I still prefer the black finish but some of you might think it differently!

The fact that it is lighter and slimmer is also an advantage. Kinda tiring to read ibooks, webpages, or anything on iPad 1 considering its weight! LLP = Lama Lama Pegel! 😐

1 significant thing that makes iPad 2 better than 1? is the camera! iPad 2 has 2 cameras .. back & front! back for taking pictures, front for facetime! BUT! (a big BUT, not BUTT), sorry for saying this but the quality of the camera is just SUCK! big time! worse than any camera on a phone i can remember! plus its no flash! I once twitted its result.. wonder where they are now.

iPad 2 is being sold the same retail price when the first iPad was launched. Since iPad 2 was launched, the iPad 1 was reduced for $100. Remember, this is retail price on the web. Sure is different when it reaches your local apple store. As I write the blog, the iPad 2 is being sold from 6 – 10 million Rupiah depends on models & storage size. sure it does looks more expensive than iPad 1. but is it worth the gap?

Now, what about comparing iPad 2 with the other tablets?

Lets see.. what else coming?

the better-version-from-previous-tab Galaxy Tab 10.1?

the pen-based HTC Flyer?

the what-the Motorola xoom?

the never-gonna-come Blackberry Playbook?

I’ll discuss bout them later on a different time! uda ngos-ngosan nih nulis blog segini doang! hahaha..

1 additional but controversial opinion from me is that, up till now, the iPad 2 is NOT jailbreakable…. YET! I know soon it’ll come. but to me its a huge disadvantage that it only can run paid apps! I ain’t dat rich! or just stingy and cheat! hahaha

So.. I’m postponing my decision on buying the iPad 2 based on 2 main reason: price & umm.. unjailbreakableyet! *notsureifitisaword* Some of you have got’em. Even my impatient brother got’em! good for me, I can try it but good for you bro?

You make your call. Buy for the beauty? buy for the style? buy for the excessive money? Buy just because its the talk of the town??

Sekian, selamat siang

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