Blackberry ODIN or STORM 2 or 9550!

So, who’s out first?? Odin/storm2/9550 or Onyx/Bold2/9700??

these 2 wicked gadgets are just awesome! Someone at id-bb mailing list has been using the EU Onyx which rumored to cost him $2200! and this morning I just found out that somebody has 2 stocks of Odin, suspected to be EU as well.. which rumored to be priced around the same cost as buying 2 16gb iphone 3gs! U think its MAHAL? i still think sum1 will buy it!

EU means experimental units and not for sale

I’ll give you a hint what Odin MIGHT feel/looks like.. (gw blm pake, jadi ini pendapat orang yg blm pake!) Note that there will be 2 storms coming! (uda kaya prakiraan cuaca).. the 9520 and 9550. The difference is on the OS and the network. Odin will feature 3G, WIFI and also works on the CDMA network and runs on OS5 ( by default while 9520 will basically storm 9500 with WIFI and with storm2 form factor

It looks faster, runs smoother and basically can provide you touch-screen-maniac another options besides the iPhone and the mostly anticipated n900! They say Odin will run faster, and with better touch screen (well.. sure-touch screen) functionality

here’s a glimpse of what they both look like:

I highly recommend this for current storm user. tapi tunggu harga turun kali ya? πŸ˜€

Onyx? this one I say is pretty amazin’. Got all the features that you want (except for touch n rotating screen :P). 3G, GPS, wifi, 3.2mp cam, fast processor (they say faster than bold), perfect form factor ..

I personally prefer to wait for this one considering I’m going for iPhone 3gs or n900 for the touch screen one!.. See its being compared with Bold & Javelin. Here’s a glimpse:

Remember there’s camera-less Tour is on the way, and also Essex? (don’t mention magnum or pluto, still a total BS)

oh yea.. so you know about n900:

gonna be an exciting end of the year for bb users! hip hip horay!

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