Sports with GADGETS

Whatever I do, it MUST involves gadget!

After finishing the fasting month, I think I really really need to get back in shape. What we called fasting month, has made me (ironically) EAT MORE! dont even let me start what I eaten during lebaran! dang!

then, what should I do? should I just regularly go to the gym at my apartment lobby? (which is free but the equipments are very limited) or should I join like a paid gym? (FF? Celfit? Gold’s? fitbybeat?)

Hey, how bout running?!? mmm.. lets have a look at the gear! hihi.. I went straight to Nike and had a look at the latest running shoes.. I always wonder on how Nike+ (read: nike plus) works!! Now, let me “brief” you about Nike+:

– first of all, you need to buy a nike shoes that has a Nike+ logo on it. This shoes will be able to accept the nike+ chip inside the shoes, just where your foot steps.

– Then you will need a receiver. This receiver is now divided into two options: 1st is to connect it with a receiver that will connect to an apple device. In this case, it will work ONLY on Ipod Nano, Ipod Touch 2G and Iphone 3GS!! it kills me to know that it ONLY works on Iphone 3GS and NOT 3G!! darn it! what to do? buy a Iphone 3GS?? for more than 8million? pheww…. (this is when I tweeted that I found a “reason” to buy iPhone 3GS).
2nd option is to buy a nike bracelet or what they like to call sportband! this package will provide a nike+ chip with a bracelet that collects your running data, and as a usb, can be uploaded to your nike+ account! this cost about 600k! a lot better than 8mil? ๐Ÿ˜€

– Then you can create a nike+ account at or where here, you can do all sorts of thing with your running activity starting from logging your run, challenge your friend, create a group, have a virtual coach, set a personal goal… etc! lots and lots!!

Still I hesitated to buy and looked around for a even cheaper solution, since I already own an Iphone 3G. (I still bought the shoes tho)

I found this cool app made for iPhone called RunKeeper. It comes out 2 version, 1 is free, 1 is pro. Differences are in things like musicality, and tagging photos…

The way it works it logs your OUTDOOR running activities thru Iphone 3G’s GPS! its so cool. Have a look at my first 2 results: #1, #2. Those 2 days I happen to be in Bali for work and having a spare time to run in the morning (and a reason to test out this new app I have)

The result is not bad at all as long as u make sure you positioned yourself for the satellite is good to capture where you are and you know how to use it! If all fails, you can always edit it in your account at ๐Ÿ™‚

However, due to my sick curiosity,… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I ended up buying the sportband also!! then on the 2nd day I compared it using both device and here’s the result from Nike+.
There’s actually a less-than-5% difference but don’t really care lah.. I very PUAS lah can compare (accent changed? the result of running with a Singaporean? :P)

oh yeah, I shared my running activity on this blog.. I get very excited just because.. IT INVOLVES GADGETS!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • #runkeeper? jakarta?

    horee ketemu temen ๐Ÿ™‚


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