I don’t believe in magnum and pluto nor.. @JokoAnwar?

I don’t believe in magnum and pluto nor.. @JokoAnwar?

while following the progress of @JokoAnwar on Twitter getting naked at Circle K, I was reminded by a friend to update this blog! this useless-narcist-outdated-oldfashioned blog! well anyway..

Just a background story… Joko Anwar is a famous Indonesian Movie Director who directed Janji Joni, Pintu Terlarang, Kala and many more. Today, he tweeted that if his follower reaches 3000 by the end of the day, he will be naked at a certain circle K! my lord, what wouldn’t celebs do for publicity now……. now, who should I kill for more followers of my blog? ๐Ÿ˜€


What I’m about to discuss here is about upcoming BB’s… we all new that Jav, Bold and Storm are old!! (snob) here comes the era for Gemini and Tour. Gemini is where you can find a middle class BB, which cost around 3-4jt, looks like curve.. Big difference is in its input device. Gemini uses trackpad instead of trackball. What makes trackpad better is trackpad is sensor based input device. It works electronically while trackball is mechanically. There are physical elements of trackball that are easier to break than trackpad. (intinya trackpad lebih longlasting drpd trackball). Plus, trackball siapa disini yang masih putih mengkilat kaya waktu beli? siapa disini yang uda punya bb 6 bln blm pernah ganti trackball? ๐Ÿ™‚ Those are lacking from Gemini is Flash! gemini DOESN”T have FLASH! (pelan2 yang narcis ninggalin gemini.. tukutukutukutuk…)

While tour? another xx30 device! meaning its more cdma than its GSM .. result is? signal is not as good as GSM devices… I’m bit disappointed with it actually.. apalagi trackball and left convenience keynya bermasalah. so.. if only bold is not so PASARAN! :’)

what other bb after this?

Again.. I don’t believe in MAGNUM or PLUTO.. yang lo liat foto2 hasil photoshop..



I can tell you those who are coming:

Essex, (a camera-less tour)
Odin/Storm2/9550 (sequel of tour,…with wifi)
Onyx/Bold2/Bold 9700 (a super complete bb)



Odin/Storm 2

… Still believe in magnum, pluto… nor JokoAnwar? ๐Ÿ˜€

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