Sync with MAC + 2 devices = HELL


Geez, I have been working my way on syncing since this new leaked version of DM came out! What do I sync? my MacBook with Tour and Iphone 3G.. It really is a hassle!

Lets look at the basic of syncing.. You see, syncing (synchronize) is basically a way to match data between 2 or more devices. Should there are 1 data with 2 different details, the newer 1 should be chosen to resolve the conflict. So whatever u changed in your computer, will be updated to mobile after syncing.. and vice versa.

Now.. Windows is easier and more precise on this I’m afraid. Previously, there are actually many ways to syncrhonize with Mac. You got Missing Sync (paid apps from Mark&Space), Pocket Mac (free app from, and Google Sync (an online based syncing).. The latest is we have is the Desktop Manager, although its not beta, some say its already working fine. Now.. there are + and – for these apps:

1. Missing Sync its a paid app, and quite expensive I must say… well, you can cr*ck it, but I’m not recommending to do so. It only syncs.. no backup/restore and upgrade. The sync is not that perfect when it comes to multiple devices like me.. with iPhone as well..

2. PocketMac for Blackberry. It does not backup/restore and upgrade as well.. really simple! good thing is, its free!

3. Google sync: now for this one, you need to set your addressbook and iCal on mac to make it able to sync with GSync. How? got to the app’s preference and thick the google sync feature. Then you need to download the apps on your BB (here).. This is the closest to perfect I think in syncing.. Both devices are working quite well. No duplicates, etc. Its free! however, just imagine your data is being stored online in someone else’s server? 🙂

4. Here comes the most awaited software for BB and Mac Users, Blackberry Desktop Manager for MAC. This one does all! sync, backup/restore, upgrade, install app, etc.
But again, this is still beta, and it does not sync well with multiple device and multiple firmware. Download where? (megaupload, rapidshare) And 1 more, upgrading is a bit different with Windows. It only upgrades with official firmware and the process is online (downloading while upgrade) means upgrade file is not stored in your device! wakwaowww…

So, prefer to use windows? err.. don’t know bout that.. lets wait for the official release! 🙂

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