stormers, storm users, stormista, or whatever you like to call yourselves..

I have been looking at a website called stormota!
started out when I was about to download bbm5 from that site! ota.. unfortunately.. got the following message:

“Update (7/23/09 12:37PM EDT): We have just been ordered by RIM’s attorneys to remove BBM5 from our site. Sorry.”

telatttt!! hhahahaha…

knp akhirnya gw mo upgrade? gw pikir gw ga bisa juga backup! remember that I’ve been having problem with my bbm contact list? that I can’t seem to back it up? 🙁

anyway.. this www.storm.ota is cool! 1st of all, it lists lots of apps and some of the are FREE (weits.. kuping dingin nih denger yang gratis2… kuping dingin?? where did that come from??)

2nd of all, it downloads OTA (Over the air) meaning… brosing aja dari storm lo, and langsung download bgitu ada tulisan free!! ga free jg gpp sih di donlot.. 😀

don’t ask whether it would work with other bb, coz i haven’t got a chance to try it!..
and those of you trying to upgrade ur storm with os 5.0,… DONT!!

first udpate .. done.. back to work.. then update again… pheww…

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