OS 8100/8110/8120, 8300/8310/8320, & 8800/8820

hoho.. uda lama banget ga update..

I’ve been a traitor, I admit! 😛 I am hooked on Iphone 3G upgraded to 3.0. Its jailbroken, lots of apps, and happy! even it acted out like bb now ith my IMs…
although, there is stome disadvantage.. being in a 3G network DOES CONSUME LOTS OF BATTERY POWER! nyebelin abis… mo dimatiin 3G? apa gunanya punya iphone 3G? 3G aja uda lambat? apalagi GPRS .. (this goes for u bb users as well!)

But today? I give u update those of u running os4.5..
Its OS For 8100/8110/8120, 8300/8310/8320, & 8800/8820

mayan banyak kan? official nih! update giiiih!

Donlot di website BB

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