For those of you twitter + BB fans, u gonna luv thiz!!
(for those of you don’t know what twitter is.. go to 😛

2 things I would like to share with y’all:

1. you can actually update your twitter status and it automatically update your FB status!!

how? well.. do this settings first in ur PCs:
– open facebook
– search an app called twitter
– configure your twitter with facebook
– don’t forget to “allow twitter to update your facebook status”
so everytime you update your status in twitter, it’ll automatically update your FB status… gw jd banci update giniiii…..

2. Twitterberry is not the only 1!!

ternyata yaa, twitterberry is not the only twittering app in bb that is available (free or not), check out the following twittering apps:
Yatca : download OTA
– SocialScope: this one you gotta signup to register for a trial.. don’t know whether it still work.. go here. good thing is that you don’t need facebook + twitterberry anymore.. only need 1 app … SocialScope
TinyTwitter : just a link to a twitter small size website
– Twibble : OTA
– TwitApps : product link
– BBTweet : OTA
– TweetGenius : kalo ini bayar & there’s no trial.. check it out at

how’s that for tweeting? get in to it yet? Do you know that Jimmy Kimmel has discussed Twitter in his show lots of time? Do you know that Aston Kutcher has 1 Million follower?? hahahhaa…

Follow me (so I can become like Aston??) at twitter.. the name is SHEGGARIO! awesome! 😛

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