OS 5.0

OS 5.0

beloom, belom kluar.. don’t get too excited with the title!
tapi disini gw nemu video OS 5.0 bakal kaya gimana..beberapa fitur yg dikasu 0S 5.0 sih tempting bgt! such as:
* ada progress barnya waktu booting, setidaknya ketidaksabaran terbantu
* Trackball “flicking” through pictures
* tombol2 menunya lebih keliatan besar
* Browsernya beda… lebih apa ya?
* BlackBerry Messenger beda?

mayan nih.. nunggu2 inovasi baru dari BB. harusnya keluar May. (mudah2an) abis.. device2 baru kayanya ga jelas gitu.. niagara cdma, gemini lagi lebih ga jelas.. Magnum, pluto?? lebaaay!! studiohp.com dengan yakinnya ngasih penawaran inden!! buka ini dan ini..gosipnya ada yg uda jual lah.. apa lah.. do u guys even see the pictures they show? does that look real to you? come on.. even i can do that with photoshop.. jadii.. kita tunggu yg come closest aja? OS5.0? niagara? gemini? or even storm 2?? Onyx? Driftwood? banyak bangeeeet! yg bener yg mana? RIM uda mo kaya nokiyem nih.. kebanyakan seri!! 🙁

janjinya.. OS5 bakal bisa:
* Flag messages and set reminder times on your BlackBerry!!!
* View personal contact subfolders and edit contacts! Until now BES used to put all of your contacts into the Contacts application even if they were in different folders.
* You will be able to view and use contacts that are in public folders and copy them to your local contact list if you have permissions.
* You will have a file browser to access shared network locations to open, add, or save documents. You will be able to see document information from there such as file type, size, and date
* Forward meeting invitations and calendar entries from your BlackBerry
* Ability to add, delete, move, or rename personal folders
* OS 5.0: Ability to view personal distribution lists that you have in your Outlook contacts and send email to them.
* RIM is working on a solution to make emails that come from your BlackBerry look exactly like they would if they came from Outlook. I always hated the fact that people could see that I was on my Berry.

anyway.. ini sneak peaknya

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